Covid 19-Work from home day 49

Another week of safer-at-home social distancing complete. We talked at dinner about the last time we ate out at a restaurant. We don’t really eat out that much, usually only once a week on Saturday night, maybe twice. Thinking back to March 14th or so, none of us could remember where we ate dinner. We order take-out out on our same schedule, but if you watch the news all these people are upset about not being served. /sigh

As for work, well, with a 3-day weekend coming motivation in the Two Slow house was pretty low today. I powered through to get plenty of stuff done, solved some problems, and set some other people up for success. With no return-to-office date in sight, I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing the phrase “new normal,” but the new normal for me is not how I saw myself five years ago in my annual performance review. My job is about 50% creative and I kind of need other people’s energy around to help me be creative. It’s not the same when you’re working remote and you don’t have that physical proximity to people to look over your shoulder and see what you’re creating.

For those with the real questions, how’s the native plant garden going? It’s going pretty well. The Buckwheat plants are growing really big and the Point Sal sage is really getting fired up. You can’t see here, but I transplanted a fountain grass and I thought I’d killed it, but after a week of watering it every day I can see some life returning to it. Have a great weekend, keep each other safe, help your neighbors.

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