Saturday Afternoon Music-Fu Manchu

I first heard Fu Manchu in 1998 on some KROQ (RIP) “new music” sample CD. I don’t even know where it came from, it’s been too long. The album had Evil Eye on it and I knew “oh my god these guys are amazing.”

Later I learned Evil Eye was on their 4th album. Fourth? How did I not know about these guys? Well, story of the ages right? It was hard to learn about new bands before the internet, especially when you work nights and can’t go to a lot of shows. I started adding them to my library by buying a copy of In Search Of based solely on the album cover.

King of the Road is my favorite album, and I think their best, but only by the slightest of margins. Action is Go is also great. I haven’t purchased much of the newer stuff but I’m planning to rectify that soon. I’ve been on a stoner rock kick lately, to break up the monotony of work-from-home. It keeps me focused on work instead of the thousands distractions at home. Enjoy.

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