Sunday Morning Music-Truckfighters

Oh, you like heavy grooves, cymbal punctuated guitars, and long tracks? You’re in the right place. One of my preferred bands for road music, Truckfighters hails from Örebro, Sweden. I first came across them in Pandora like a lot of music I find. I know that’s not the cool music streaming service nowadays but back in the mid 2000’s it was the best one available and I’ve stuck with it.

The Gravity X album opener, Desert Cruiser, is seven and a half minutes. I’ve been on a stoner/desert rock kick lately and this is one of the bands that got my started on them. They seem to tour a lot but I don’t get to a lot of shows even when we’re not in a pandemic, and their last album was in 2016. Wikipedia says they went on a ‘long hiatus’ in 2018, so hopefully we haven’t heard the last of them.

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