Covid 19-A short rip

The work-from-home order came from my office on March 9, I took a sick day the 10th, and started working from home on the 12th. March 9 was the last time I touched my bike, because the 11th I drove so I could carry my work monitors home. That was 48 calendar days. Will it run? Will it blow up? Will there be a puddle of oil when I park it? Lord knows.

I decided last night I should probably take it for a short run, if nothing else to keep the battery charged up, keep everything lubricated, and use up the gas before the ethanol separates out too much. Much to my surprise, other than the tires being really low, it started right up on the second crank. Thank you Shorai for creating an affordable battery that can sit for so long and not complain. Did a twenty mile loop and parked her back in the garage for who knows how long this time.

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