Covid 19-Work from home day 44

I suppose the reality of working from home for a long while has finally sunk in for me. Maybe there was some part of me hoping against hope that this would be just a few months of ‘i don’t like this’ and then we’d transition back to the office. As it stands, they’ve essentially told us we won’t be coming back in the near term. Not exactly sure what the time frame will be, not sure they even know what that will be. Some of it depends on the state and county, but even looking at the office guidelines from the state, it puts a pretty heavy burden on a company our size where most people can work from home anyway.

I feel bad for people less fortunate. I have a friend who has been going into the office for his IT job, but no one else is there so it’s not a big deal. He’s got some health problem similar to mine, a family to worry about, all that stuff, and his shit employer is going to force everyone to return to the office, even if they can work from home. Dude, it’s a website company- please don’t try to tell me they can’t work from home. It’s hearing stories like that make me really appreciate how fortunate I am with my job.

Post-work I popped into the local bottle shop to stock up for the weekend. I only brought home a six and four pack, but wife went to the grocery store today so there wasn’t enough room for all my cider. OH WELL had to drink one to make space! Have a good weekend. Keep each other safe. Check in tomorrow for a Saturday Music post.

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