Two Slow LA @ 2015 Distinguished gentleman’s ride

On Sunday, over 700 dapper SoCal LA motorcyclists took over the streets in a huge ride that not only generated over $100,000 marked for prostate cancer research, but made a statement to the denizens of Los Angeles that motorcyclists are good people and not entirely composed of harebrained hooligans!

Quick Summer Ride-Aug 15

rideIconWe are well and good into the dog days of summer.  It’s way too hot to do much of anything, even riding in this heat isn’t fun.  But I haven’t really been on my bike for fun in quite a while so I decided to brave the temps and just get in a quick ride around town.  Can’t wait for milder temps to return so I can start getting some longer rides into the rotation.

0815 Quick Ride_0007

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July 5 – Dust it off

rideIconAs you probably noticed from the lack of posts, June had been a really busy month for me. Between school promotions and graduations, general family stuff, and then an eight day roadtrip with the family to Colorado, there was little time left for riding.  I’ve been commuting but it’s just not the same so before going back to work I decided to take a spin around town and knock some of the dust off my bike and my brain. Continue reading

Memorial Day GMR

rideIconI took a couple vacation days over Memorial Day weekend and ended it by hitting GMR, aka Glendora Mountain Road.  I’ve been up there many times, and lately been going more due to its proximity to home.  It’s a darn good road that’s not usually busy off-peak.  Jon had never been, surprisingly, so that sealed the deal.  I’m by no means an expert at GMR, far from it, but I know enough to take someone who has never been.

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2015 Birthday Ride – Crystal Lake

rideIconIf you pay any attention to the Two Slow OC Instagram account, you have hopefully figured out that it was my birthday this week.  I was lucky enough to get a couple days off work to celebrate and just chill.  It was great being able to hang out with family and friends a little bit and live the life of a Gentleman Adventurer.  The adventures weren’t very grand, but fun nonetheless.  What started out as a wet ride ended up being a cold foggy adventure and a cold pint at a new-to-me spot.  More below…

Trying a new place #craftbeerlife

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April 11 – GMR

rideIconDecided to take a ride up GMR, Glendora Mountain Road, and see what it looked like.  Lately someone has been pouring oil on the road in an attempt to keep bikers away, so I’ve been wary of going up there.  I didn’t find any fresh oil today, but I did see a couple sports that where oil had been poured and not cleaned up by Cal Trans, small spills that were at least a couple days old.  Continue reading

GMR GRR St Patrick’s Day 2015

rideIconAs hesitant as I was to ride GMR after all the shenanigans going on up there lately, I wanted to get a shorter ride in before I met the wife for lunch on St Patrick’s Day.  We’ve made it a small tradition to have lunch, just the two of us, at our local.  She always gets corned beef and cabbage, and I always get a corned beef sandwich.  I took off soon as the kids were off to school and hit the hill early before most people were out of school or bed. Continue reading

Angeles Crest Highway Feb 15

rideIconACH in February?  Why not?  I’d been invited on a group ride to Julian, but it had to be postponed a couple weeks. I already had the time blocked out and the wife was expecting me to be gone so I took advantage and tried to exorcise my ACH demons.  Such a beautiful day.  Temp was great, not much traffic, but man Newcomb’s was pretty busy.  Not like summer-time busy, but pretty busy for February (although I’m usually there on week days so my perspective is a little off).   Continue reading

Red Sky Warning

rideIconWhen I was getting ready for work yesterday I noticed the sky was warming up to give us a beautiful sunrise.  The way the clouds and the mountains were lined up, I knew it’d be pretty but just for a short time.  But I had to get to work, so I grabbed my camera and  tried to get a shot from the commute.  It was pretty dicey, but I think I managed to get a good one.

Work Day_0001

Red sky at morning, rider take warning

Since I had my camera I figured I’d grab a couple snaps through the work day.  I don’t normally talk about work here, but I figure it’s what lets me keep my family happy and keep my bike happy.  Work to live, not live to work.  More below.

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